What Are You Grateful For?

What a year! As we wind it down, all I can think of is gratitude-so many blessings in my life. I keep a gratitude journal that I try to update daily and will be starting a new one on January 1st.  This year, I’ve had a lot to be grateful for.

What about you?

Do you keep a gratitude journal? It might not seem important to do this, but being grateful and keeping a gratitude journal has many benefits. Here are 5 of them:

1. You may experience more empathy towards others, so you’re more likely to give someone the benefit of the doubt and not jump to conclusions about their behavior(s)

2. You’re more likely to feel happy. If you’re feeling depressed or a just a little down, gratitude can reduce some of your symptoms, which in turns allows you to feel a little (or a lot) happier

3. You may sleep better and longer and who doesn’t want or need that

4. You may feel more optimistic and have a lot more hope for your life (and the lives of those you care about)

5. You may experience a decrease in an elevated stress response. With this, you can begin to develop resilience-the belief and knowledge that you can effect positive change, that you are POWER-FULL, and you have or at least know where to go, to get the resources you need

So as we say good-bye to 2019, try acknowledging the good you have in your life instead of focusing on things you think you need and want, but don’t have.

As always, I love helping women lead happier, healthier, more resilient lives. Whether through individual therapy, coaching, customized programming, or free community presentations, I’m here to serve. When you’re ready or even just a little curious, give me a call-512.680.2874-let’s explore how I may be able to help. And since TBC now offers sessions online, connecting and working with me just got a whole lot easier.

Until next year,

Blessings to you and yours,

Dr. B.

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