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If you’re a professional or executive woman, and you’re feeling stressed, depressed, worry all the time, or you’re having panic attacks, we need to talk.

If you’re ready to break free of the stress-worry cycle, I can help you…

  • Experience inner peace and feel happy again

  • Decrease depression so you can enjoy the things you used to

  • Shift negative stress and anxiety into relaxation and stillness

  • Stop the panic attacks by calming your mind and body down

  • Sleep soundly and deeply – no more waking up at 2:30 AM

  • Have more joy – your life has possibilities again

  • Finally feel some peace

Call me today at 512.680.2874 for your free up-to-15-minute phone consultation and let’s get started helping you feel better. Let’s explore how I may be able to help.

Remember, every session is online which saves you time, energy, and it’s a lot more convenient.

Talk with you soon,

Dr. B.