Fun Facts About Dr. B.

  • My name was out in space. Back in ’97, I sent in my name to be included on the Cassini mission’s “signature disk” that was bound for Saturn. Things were going fine until September 2017 when Cassini sent it’s final images and burned up in Saturn’s atmosphere. Oh well. Guess I’ll have to find another way to get out into space.
  • I love chocolate truffles but I’ve been intimidated about making them for years. For my 21st wedding anniversary, I finally made them. Who knew that making truffles is actually easier than you think and really only takes about 20 minutes (plus the refrigeration time). Now I’m on to my next new dish-steamed sponge pudding (a British dessert). Yes, there’s a trend here-I love sweets!
    • PS: Wow! The pudding was so good; we went back for seconds. I’m realizing I have an untapped talent. Maybe I should train to be a pastry chef too. Hmmmm….. Well, on to the next Gordon Ramsay dessert (I’m working my way through 6 of his cookbooks)
  • At workshops, I always get asked what do I do to relieve negative stress. I do lots of things but a mainstay for the last several years is strength training. Yes, Dr. B. loves to pump iron. For me, there is some- thing deeply satisfying about not only the challenge of the activity, but the inherent mindfulness that it requires. If I don’t stay focused, mindful, and have good form-somebody-me-will get hurt. And I won’t like that.