Dr. Brinkley (Dr. B.) is a licensed psychologist, women’s success strategist, and consultant on stress reduction, mindbody wellness, and (multi)cultural competence in Austin Texas. She has given trainings in these areas locally, nationally, and internationally. She received her PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin and has also received additional training in mindbody wellness from Harvard Medical School CME. Additionally, Dr. B. is a Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional.

In 2011 Dr. B. opened The Brinkley Center, a small business offering psychological services exclusively to salaried professional women to help them create a stress relief system, i.e., a wellness lifestyle. In 2016 , she won the National Women of Achievement Award-Business Category for this business.

She has authored or co-authored three stress reduction training manuals as well as written for both local and national magazines on stress reduction. In 2016, she contributed the chapter, “Day 31”, and won an EIPPY book award for the #1 international bestseller, “My Big Idea Book”. In 2017 the aforementioned book also won the eLit Gold Medal. In 2012, she authored an e-workbook, “The Stress of EveTM”.

In 2010, Dr. B. co-authored a book chapter on client stress reduction in the graduate level textbook, Intentional Interviewing and Counseling: Facilitating Client Development In A Multicultural Society. In 2007, she researched, wrote, and produced a clinical training video and facilitator’s manual, Stress Management: Understanding and Treatment for mental health professionals on client stress reduction. Additionally, in 2005 she wrote the initial scripts for the American version of Anti-discrimination Response Training (A.R.T.©) videos and narrated and acted in some of the videos. Also in 2005, Dr. B. became the first American to be certified as a Facilitator of Anti-discrimination Response Training (A.R.T.©).

Her volunteer work includes offering psychoeducational presentations and lectures to community organizations as well as mentoring culturally and ethnically diverse university students.