Our Difference

Holistic, Brief Therapy, Mindfulness, Strengths-based

Are you ready to transform your life, just like a Phoenix? I want to help you create a life you love, one that nurtures you, excites you, and gives you the joy,  peace, and direction you want.

To help you have this:

My approach is holistic: I believe in the total you; that means mind, body, and spirit. In our work, I consider your values, family-of-origin influences, cultural beliefs and traditions, fears, hopes and dreams, past and current relationships, and goals. In essence, I consider the wholeness of you.

My approach is brief: Your life shouldn’t have to wait while you’re in therapy or coaching. I believe in asking you to engage in new or different activities outside our sessions and meetings. That way, learning and success may come faster because you see your world changing and becoming more of what you’d like it to be.

I offer sessions in different locations: Individual therapy sessions or Calm and Confident System meetings can be held online or at your office (post pandemic).

I acknowledge you already come with strengths: You have a wealth of knowledge, experiences, and wisdom that we can use to help you have more of what and who you want in your life.

I incorporate evidence based mindfulness and experiential techniques: From my own meditation and mindfulness practices, (and professional studies), I am familiar with the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits these can offer.

I incorporate information from neuroscience: As an active participant in your sessions, I bring information about a variety of mind-body skills and techniques that can address your unique stress response.

I work 2 ways: I offer traditional weekly sessions for individuals. I also offer Calm and Confident System meetings, which are either 1-month (accelerated) or 6 months.

If you’re ready to have less stress and more peace, don’t wait one more day. I invite you to call me, right now, at 512-680-2874 for a free, confidential phone consultation. We’ll talk and both decide if we’d like to work together.

Talk with you soon,

Dr. B.