Dieticians, Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists: Wellness Resources For You

Creating a lifestyle approach to stress reduction (i.e., mindbody wellness) means that you look at your life as a whole. While you and I work together examining how you engage and handle your sources and symptoms of stress, you can also enlist the help of the following professionals. (The names are in alphabetical order, thus, the order does not indicate a suggestion or recommendation) This is done on your own and is not part of the therapeutic process.

Dieticians: A dietician can teach, encourage, and support you as you learn to make better food choic- es and establish a more health-promoting relationship with food. By looking at this relationship, you can contribute to your overall health.

  1. Melissa Mouton, MS, RD, LD
  2. LeAnne Skinner, RD, LD
  3. Anne Wilfong, RD, LD

Massage therapists: Getting a massage (therapeutic touch) offers many benefits such as relaxation and calming the nervous system, which directly reduces the level of destructive stress hormones. Massage can also reduce tension and anxiety-two stress symptoms. It can improve mood, physical symptoms and quality of life as well as be effective for pain reduction and sleep disorders.

  1. Linda Becker, BS, LMT
  2. Erica Santiago, LMT, CYT, BFA
  3. Joy Sablatura Rockwell, LMT
  4. Kim Vogelsang, BA, LMT

Personal trainers: These trainers can help you create an exercise program that you can actually do. Besides helping you to look great, exercise offers many psychological benefits such as improvement in mood, increased ability to cope with stressors, relief from depression, anxiety, and stress disorders.

  1. Angie Brinkley, BS, BA, CSCS (website link coming soon) 512.567.0068
  2. Jennifer Brown, CI-CPT, AFAA, ACE, AFPA
  3. Kim Patty, CPT, Certified Hoop Dance Instructor