Warning! Your Negative Thoughts Could Be Controlling Your Life.

I won the lottery last week!

Well, my winnings were $3.00.

At first I was happy, excited when I saw those numbers match-I hadn’t won anything literally in years. About 2 seconds later, I went headfirst into disappointment, sadness, anger, then grieving (yes, actual grief over this).

But then, because I’m me, I quickly became aware that I was starting to go down the pity potty road and so decided to take a major detour- I began to feel gratitude.


I was $3.00 richer than I was about 5 seconds ago.

The mind is like that with emotions to quickly follow. If you’re able to monitor, notice, and quickly transform the thoughts that don’t lead you to feel good about yourself and your life, depression, anxiety, imposter syndrome, and a host of other “ailments” can assault you.

For example, 2 of my thoughts were: D#&n, it’s only $3.00”, (a negative automatic thought) but I quickly countered that with a more truthful, reality bound thought, “Yippee, I won something”.

Which one do you think helped me feel better?

This month, as we begin to wind down the year with a lot of festivities, get-togethers, and good cheer, monitor your thoughts and where they’re taking you. Every day, ask yourself, how do you want to feel:




Decide this and it’ll tell you how to counter or transform any negative automatic thoughts you may have.

Last, depending on whom you read, we have about 50,000 (yikes!!!) thoughts a day and about 98% of those are the same ones we had yesterday. Monitor your thoughts and focus on those that propel you forward, instead of those that hold you back.

As always I love helping women lead healthier, happier lives. If you’d some support in doing this, call me at 512.680.2874 for your free consultation to see how I may be able to help. Remember, TBC is completely online now, which can free up some of your time to continue enjoying all the great things in life.

Talk with you soon,

Dr. B.

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