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Self-Care: It’s Not Just Bubble Baths and Chardonnay (Part 3)

Big thanks for your comments. I can feel the momentum building as we get to today’s final installment about self-care.

Just to recap, in the first newsletter, I shared about the importance of self-care and 4 different types of it. Remember, self-care has nothing to do with being selfish, so no need to feel guilty. It is about recognizing your worth, your value, that you’re just as important as a meeting.

In the last newsletter, we talked about how choosing 1 activity from 1 type of self-care can have a domino effect to get you feeling better.

Self-Care: It’s Not Just Bubble Baths and Chardonnay (Part 3)

Also, from the last newsletter, if you’re still wondering what to do with this new found freedom because your time, energy, and maybe even funds, have been freed up, let’s check in with Pam (pseudonym) again.

Remember, she started taking solitary walks to reconnect with herself and started being more assertive with her family to make this time sacred. Freedom for her was, initially, taking those walks. Yet on them, she noticed her mind become more clear, the brain fog was lifting, the volume on the anxious thoughts was lower-in fact she said, those thoughts were actually fading and she was beginning to see choices for her life.

Freedom came to Pam in the shape of a quieter mind (and body) where she could start planning what she wanted to do next. She now had time to think about starting back playing piano again, doing watercolors, and reconnecting with a couple of old friends she’d lost touch with. She now had the time, emotional energy and bandwidth to do this, whereas before, most of her time was used rehearsing thoughts of regrets, dread, and what ifs.

This is possible for you too!

What if you could…

  • Recognize and handle anxiety and stress
  • Experience inner peace and feel happy inside
  • Say NO, mean it, and stick to it!
  • Turn a bossy mind into a helpful ally
  • and Make yourself the most important meeting of the day?

 With that, I invite you to join my upcoming BETA Version collaborative, interactive, and experiential 5-week course. We’ll address being pushed, pulled, and stretched thin during these uncertain times. Yes, it’s time for some serious self-care!

This is NOT therapy, but a course where you’ll learn skills, new information, and create strategies so you can deal with stressful, anxiety provoking, or uncertain situations with calm, confidence, clarity, and creativity.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be on the lookout for my next email on Monday AM with all the details. This is a limited offer to you my newsletter subscribers who have journeyed with me over the past 9 years.

Stay tuned; your new life is waiting…Talk with you on Monday,

Be safe, be well

Dr. B.




Are You Postponing Happiness?: 3 Easy Ideas To Enjoy Your Now

We’re keeping it short and sweet this month!

Are You Postponing Happiness?: 3 Easy Ideas To Enjoy Your Now 

Are you the kind of woman who tells herself things like:

1. “I’ll be happy when I get that promotion”
2. “I’ll be happy when I get married”
3. “I’ll be happy when I get that BMW”
4. “I’ll be happy when ____________”

Notice anything about these statements?

They’re all future oriented and if you think about it, the future, while we all like to think it’s gonna be brighter, actually never comes. Bottom line folks, all we have is the eternal “now” moment. And since moments are fleeting, how can you ever be happy if you’re constantly waiting for a time that never really arrives?

How about enjoying your now? Here are 3 easy ideas that might help with that.

1. Take a walk 
This may sound simplistic but walking, especially in nature or with a friend, has a soothing effect such that your mind slows down, becomes calmer, and you forget to worry about when your “sweetie” will show up in your life.

2. Savor whatever you’re doing
This means notice which activities you usually rush through and begin to slow down as you do them. For example, preparing meals: observe the shape, smell, and texture of veggies as you chop them; listen to the sound of the sizzle as you put them in a skillet of hot oil; notice how the shape, smell and texture changes as you continue to cook them; then notice how they taste as you enjoy eating them.

3. Have an attitude of gentle acceptance
Gentle acceptance doesn’t mean resignation. It’s a choice you make when you notice, “yep, I don’t like this, but I can’t do anything about it” OR “yep, I don’t like this, but  here’s what I can do”.  Gentle acceptance means you can change how you feel and respond to a situation-hence, it’s a choice.

As always, I love helping women live happier lives. Whether you call it depression, anxiety, stress, or nerves, I’d like to help. I invite you to call me at 512.680.2874 for your free up to 15-minute phone consultation. Let’s discuss how I may be able to help.

And remember, TBC is completely online now, which frees up your time so you can enjoy your life more!

Looking forward to hearing your story and helping you feel better,

Dr. B.


March 1-7: Sleep Awareness Week

March 8: International Women’s Day

March 21: International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Self Harm Awareness Month