Spring Cleaning For Your Mind: Doing This One Thing Could Get You Closer To Where You Want To Be

Happy Vernal Equinox. This is always one of my favorite times of the year-forget New Years and setting resolutions or intentions- I’m all about spring cleaning; which means getting rid of the clutter.


Clutter, of course, can be physical, but I like to focus on the emotions, feelings, and thoughts that don’t serve you. Clearing that type of clutter can make it a whole lot easier to eventually be able to clear any physical clutter you may have.


One way to think about clearing emotional clutter is to think about what or who you want in your life. What’s your rationale, your motivation for this?


If your motivation is for example, more money; a new sweetie; winning a trip or a medal; or something like this, you’re relying on external motivation to move you forward. You might think, if I have more money or a new sweetie, then my life will be complete. But if you don’t get the above, you might feel like a failure and in that sense, these external motivators just became new stressors for you and you certainly don’t want that.


If, however, your motivation comes from a deeper part of you, it loses its’ externality and become more internal. The excitement becomes palpable; you can feel, see, taste it being real in your life. For example, if initially you were externally motivated to get a new sweetie, if you search and find your internal motivation, you might find that it’s really because you want to share the wholeness of your being with another person. Here, you don’t need the other person to feel complete, you believe you already are and you want to share that and expand your excitement about life and love with this new person.


So your inner motivation is and continues to be learning and growing your Self and sharing that with all you encounter. One thing you may notice is when you do this and start seeing the benefits, you’ll want to do it more, so this internal practice is self-reinforcing and motivating. And then, all those external things you wanted – the sweetie; more money; like that- start more easily coming your way.


Clearing clutter, no matter which kind, is a powerful tool. If you’d like some help with this, I invite you to call me for a free 15-minute conversation. Let’s see how I may be able to help. If we decide to meet, I’ll have tea and chocolate waiting for you.

I’ll talk with you soon,

Dr. B.

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