How Choosing One Thing (and One Thing Only) Can Have A Positive Domino Effect

It’s almost summer. To help me get through it I’m considering the options I have to stay cool and not lose my cool. Some of you have been sharing with me the many things you want to do to not lose your cool. Consider joining me this month as I suggest you choose one, yes only one, thing to do to achieve this. Focus on that and do it well-then the domino effect usually takes effect and several other aspects of your life seem to more easily fall into place.

Let’s choose one new health promoting behavior that we’ll practice regularly. And then let’s reward ourselves for sticking to it.

How Choosing One Thing (and One Thing Only) Can Have A Positive Domino Effect

When we say we want to see and experience positive changes in our lives, what are we really saying? Usually we’re saying we want a lot of changes and we want them yesterday. But is that really wise or beneficial? A person could become overwhelmed by too many changes such that it puts them back into the ‘stuck’ place they were before.

This month, if you’re considering any positive changes, choose one and one only to focus on. Select one that you can make specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and has a time span to it. Yes, I’m on my SMART soapbox again, but stick with me.

Do you know your one thing yet? Take a few moments and when you’re ready, read on.

Now that you have that SMART positive change in your mind, become more aware of how you’re feeling, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Feel free to do a body scan and then some deep breathing to help with this.

Example: Desired positive change: increase social connections

With this specific positive change in mind, you may already know someone or a few people you want to get to know better. Choose today to start reaching out, making plans to get together, and then actually getting together. In a world of e-communications, sometimes time is wasted with the back and forth of them.

Suggestion: old school phoning could work.

Yes, at first doing all the above may feel a little uncomfortable, but that’s what goals are for-to encourage us to move forward and accept the rug will be pulled from underneath us, but we keep on going knowing that we’re moving toward what we truly want. Looking back is not an option!

As this new behavior becomes second nature, now you’ve got double rewards; new friends, plus any thing you decide to treat yourself with to congratulate yourself for sticking with it.

Oh by the way, my one positive thing to keep me cool this summer:  a really wide-brimmed hat with SPF 50. I can wear it for gardening, with friends, while shopping or even when sitting on the deck watching the clouds go by. My reward: being able to enjoy more gorgeous sunsets at the end of a long day.

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