Be The BOSS Of Your Story 5 -week course

I want to help you transform your life so you feel confident, calm, can see choices, and feel inner peace and happy inside. And I know some of you who’ve been reading the last 3 newsletters are going to take what I’ve shared so far, and put it to good use.

But I know the real answer is that those of you who step up, and go forward with me now – you’ll be the ones who will get the results you really want to see.

With that, I’m happy and honored to open up my 5-week on-line course. Let me tell you a little bit about it:

 Be THE BOSS of your Story

 A collaborative, interactive, experiential 5-week course (BETA Version) to address being stretched thin, focus on yourself without feeling guilty, reduce anxiety and stress, during these uncertain times

What if you could…

  • Recognize and handle anxiety and stress
  • Experience inner peace and feel happy inside
  • Say NO and mean it!
  • Turn a bossy mind into a helpful ally
  • and Make yourself the most important meeting of the day?


Be THE BOSS of your Story!

Your mission should you choose to accept it…

… is to learn, practice, and put into place various self-care skills, information, and strategies, so you can feel better, happier, and more in control in a world that is pushing, pulling, and stretching you to the limit.

Imagine being able to exhale because you can now see choices and have the confidence to handle anxiety provoking and stressful situations with ease,

And relief and satisfaction with knowledge and wisdom that is yours forever.

Here’s What You Get When You Enroll in the collaborative 5-week course:


  • Dive deep into 6 (six!) different types of self-care – this allows you to choose which one(s) you need to focus on
  • 5 weekly video sessions 45~60 minutes each
  • Ability to ask questions during each session – this allows you to go deeper so more positive change actually happens
  • Learn how to turn a bossy mind into a helpful ally
  • Learn how to calm your body so you can make better choices and decisions
  • Learn how to say ‘NO’ and not back down
  • Opportunity to get your questions answered with easy to understand, practical, and powerful information you can start using immediately
  • Hear answers to questions you might not have thought of because others are asking them
  • Collaboration throughout the course


  • Done-for-you worksheets
  • e-workbook: Stress of EveTM: Your Body, Your Mind, Your Life (Vol. 1): A Woman’s Workbook for Life’s Transitions
  • 1 extra session with Q & A (5 + 1 = 6 Sessions!)
  • “Motivational Monday” weekly emails (affirmation style) to start your week off right
  • Closed and monitored Facebook group (if course members want one)


  • Opportunity open to women only
  • Must have stable internet access
  • Must be available for approximately 1 hour per week for 5 weeks + 30 minute kick-off/orientation session
  • Must be willing to complete initial survey which will be used for the kick-off/orientation session
  • Must provide 2 burning questions per week, weekly class feedback via a survey, and complete final survey
  • Must be willing to participate and talk in classes
  • Must be willing to be recorded –All sessions except kickoff will be recorded
  • Must be willing to be collaborative (this is a BETA class, thus it’s not the final version. You’ll be helping to make the course better as we go along)

This is a collaborative opportunity where I will modify and adjust course content based on your feedback. Each week I will tell you the next week’s self-care topic and ask you to submit your 2 most burning questions about that topic.

I’d also like to get a testimonial for the course. If you choose to complete one within 1 week of the course ending, you can have full access to the new revised course for free.

This collaborative Beta Version opportunity and bonuses will end on Friday, November 13 @ 7 PM.




(There are no refunds for this course, but you can transfer it to a friend)

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