3 Ideas To Help You Create Your Next Best Chapter

I’m back!

Sorry it’s been awhile but I had to get through jet leg, new seasonal allergies, and oh yes, heat exhaustion. This has been a challenging summer!

Some of you have shared you decided to make this the ‘Summer of Yes’. I applaud that and to let you in on a little secret-you inspired me! I’m ready to launch the Calm and Confident SystemTM and I’m now accepting appointments for a Calming ConversationTM with me.

3 Ideas To Create Your Next Best Chapter

Have I told you lately how powerful you are? I mean it – I’m serious. With your thoughts, beliefs, ideas, attitudes, and actions you’re now living what you decided in the past. For some of you, you’re exactly where you want to be so I’m gonna raise my hand and holla, “Respect”!

But supposed you’re not living how you really want to be living?

Time for a mindshift – a little jot to your reality.

If you think of where you are now as a temporary situation, that only means that things can and will change. The key is: recognize that you can make a new decision as to what you want it to change into.

So what does your next best chapter look like? And how can you help yourself start living it a whole lot faster? Here are 3 ideas:

  1. Make the decision that you are going to move forward towards positive life changes. This actually is the hardest part because as humans, we like comfort. Change, positive or not, is scary because we don’t know what our life will really be like once we have that change we say we want. And so it’s easy to stay comfortable and unfortunately stuck.


  1. If you can make the decision, then remember those thoughts, actions, and ideas I mentioned earlier- you’re gonna have to change them. The beauty is you get to decide how many of them you want to change and what you want to change them into. It can be very simple and easy, but it will put you on your path to your next best chapter. For example, my simple and easy action is to make sure I drink at least 3 liters of liquid a day. I admit sometimes I don’t reach it, but I do my best because I know it’ll keep me healthy and I’m in this life for the long haul.


  1. Seek out others creating their own new best chapter. Hey, broken record here – it is so much easier to go through something when you have support than to do it alone. By being with others, you’ll hear new ideas and see new actions which will make it much easier to self-reflect on those you may want to change.


  1. BONUS Go visual. Whether it’s a vision board or in your mind, regularly visualize what your new chapter looks like. For all of you that I’ve shared the lemon exercise with, you know the power of visualization.

See if these ideas resonate for you. If they do, and you’d like to take it to the next level, schedule a Calming ConversationTM with me. We’ll talk about what’s on your mind and then you decide where you want to take it.

Happy Autumn and thanks for letting me continue to share some ideas with you,

Dr. B.


Community Notice:

1. Schedule a Calming ConversationTM. If we decide to work together the first 3 of you get 50% off the regular investment.

2. National Depression Screening Day: October 11, 2018

3. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Ladies, time to get the girls checked!

4. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month: “Your silence will not protect you”-Audre Lorde



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