I think this could be stress

Stress is something everyone has yet everyone experiences it differently. By recognizing this, it makes sense to create an individualized, comprehensive lifestyle approach. Doing that ensures the strategies and information you use will address your unique, specific concerns.

Don’t confuse “stress” with “stressors”. Stressors are your unique sources of stress related to your mind working overtime or something challenging in your environment.

Stress itself is more of a psychological and physical experience and response to thoughts or situations you perceive as challenges. This means anything you perceive as a challenge, real or imagined, can activate your stress response. For example, constant worry, fears, or judging your abilities and coming up short, can all instantly activate your stress response.

Stress isn’t always bad for you. Just like having good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, there is good and bad stress. You are probably more familiar with bad stress yet experiencing the good type motivates you to do your best and helps you prepare for life’s enjoyable moments. Knowing which type you have can make a big difference in your outlook and the differential effects on your mind and body.

Acute Stress

These are the daily hassles you occasionally experience. Since these are brief and have an end in sight,  you generally don’t experience severe negative physical or emotional symptoms.  Some examples: car accidents; unexpected deadlines at work; unplanned dental visit; or a surprise birthday party.

Some symptoms (Check current)


__Shallow breathing




__Muscular tension



__Elevated BP



__Sweaty/cold hands


__Rapid heart beat


Chronic Stress

This occurs when your sources of stress are long term. Here you begin to see the harmful physical, psychological, and spiritual effects. Some examples: never having enough money; a loveless relationship; toxic work environment; emotional and/or physical abuse; being laid off; or having difficulty finding new work.

Some symptoms  (Check current)


__No sex drive

__Heart disease




__Frequent illness


__Skin problems

__Self criticism

__Excessive worrying

__Increased drinking

__Isolating self

__Poor judgment