Lesbian and Queer Womyn’s Relationship Support Group

Creating and maintaining long term, healthy lesbian and queer womyn's relationships

Creating and maintaining healthy long-term relationships can be hard. Creating and maintaining healthy long-term lesbian and queer womyn’s relationships can sometimes be harder. But it can be done. Some of my clients have created successful, healthy relationships. Plus, my wife and I have been very happily married for over 25 amazing years.

So whether you’re wanting a relationship, just starting one, or been together for years, come connect, share, hear wisdom, and be who you are, in this 10-week long group.

Some of the benefits of joining this group:

  • Pinpoint: Your unique relationship challenges, both between partners and from other influences
  • Increase: Awareness of your own personal strengths
  • Learn: Powerful communication tools
  • Identify: Your own relationship stress triggers
  • Learn: Strategies to reduce relationship stress
  • Make: Powerful connections
  • Learn: You’re not alone
  • Decide: Is this the right relationship for you


To schedule an intake interview to join this group, call 512.680.2874 or email to see when the next group starts.

Group sessions held at The Brinkley Center, Wednesdays, 6~7:30 PM. Seats limited-7 members maximum.