Calm and Confident System™ – Group Class

Confidence Comes From Calmness


Have you been saying any of the following to yourself lately?



  • I try to relax, but it’s just doesn’t happen

  • I feel anxious all the time

  • My mind won’t shut up no matter how hard I try

  • I’m on my last nerve; I don’t know what to do

  • I think I need more than my self-care Sundays

  • I don’t know how to put myself first (or even 2nd or 3rd). I feel guilty even thinking about taking time out for myself



What if you could:

✓Recognize and better handle anxiety and negative stress

✓Experience inner peace and feel happy inside

✓ Say ‘NO’ and mean it!

✓ Turn a bossy mind into a helpful ally

✓ Make yourself the most important meeting of the day




The Calm and Confident System™

2020 was a tsunami of stress and anxiety!


Let’s make 2021 a powerhouse of inner strength, creativity, self-compassion, resilience, and forward motion!



The CACS™ is NOT therapy – it’s a 12-week course designed to help you gain mastery and power over negative stress and anxiety in your life. In this case, mastery means ‘I got this’ and power means ‘the ability to effect positive change’

That’s what we’ll focus on to help you see and have choices so you can take care of yourself (and your loved ones) and continue moving forward during these uncertain times. 


Here’s What You Get When You Enroll In This Collaborative 12-week (BETA version) Course: 

✓ Dive deep into 6 (six!) different types of self-care, so you can choose which one(s) you need to focus on


✓ 12 weekly video sessions (times will vary from 30 minutes – 75 minutes depending on class week)


✓ Ability to ask questions during each session so you can go deeper to encourage more positive change to actually happen


✓ Learn and practice how to turn a bossy mind into a helpful ally


✓ Learn and practice how to calm your body so you can make better choices and decisions


✓ Learn and practice how to say ‘NO’ and not back down


✓ Opportunity to get your questions answered with easy to understand, practical, and powerful information you can start using immediately


✓ Hear answers to questions you might not have thought of because others are asking them


✓ Collaboration and support throughout the course


✓ 1, up-to-30-minute kickoff/orientation session



✓ 1, up-to-30-minute post-class check in 

✓ Done-4-you worksheets

✓ e-workbook: The Stress of Eve™: Your Body, Your Mind, Your Life (vol 1): A Woman’s Workbook for Life’s Transitions

“Motivational Monday”: brief weekly emails to start your week off right



  • Opportunity open to women only

  • Must have stable high speed internet access

  • Must be available from 30-75 minutes (depending on class week) and up to 30 minute for kick-off/orientation session

  • Must be willing to complete initial survey which will be used for the kick-off/orientation session

  • Must provide 1 burning question per week, weekly class feedback via a survey, and complete final survey

  • Must be willing to participate and talk in classes

  • Must be willing to be recorded – All classes except kickoff and post class check in will be recorded (recordings will only be used by me and not shared or sold)

  • Must be willing to be collaborative (this is a BETA course, thus it’s not the final version. You’ll be helping to make the course better as we go along)


This is a collaborative opportunity where I will modify and adjust course content based on your survey feedback. Each week I will tell you the next week’s self-care topic and ask you to submit your number 1 most burning question about that topic.


Contact Dr. Brinkley about upcoming classes


 Maximum 12 participants

(must have minimum 6 to start) 

(the investment is nonrefundable but is transferable)


I can’t wait to get started with you, 

Be safe, be well, 

Dr. B.